Jun 172017

Front squat 4-4-3-1-3-1-3

Front squat 4-4-3-1-3-1-3

  • singles should feel heavy but manageable
  • rest 3min between sets

Hip thrusts and box jumps

4-5 rounds

  • 5+5 single leg hip thrusts
    Rest 90sec
  • 5 high box jumps
    Rest 90sec

CFEG: Free HS & HS Walk Practice for 20min – Form & Control

Practice three elements of free HS and HS walking – 20min
1) Basics
– slow wall climb
– around the box
– find control from fingers & forearm
2) Handstand balance & strength
– handstand scissors
– weight sift side to side
3) Free HS & HS walk
– HS walk & turns
– free HS hold

CFEG: Dips in different forms

Practice dips in different forms fro 15min: box, ring, straight bar, korean, bulgarian, russian, etc. Find new ways to challenge yourself.

CFEG: 2nd round of volume training 4/5

Key element in gymnastics is strength, and we want to have strength bias on movements. We will do 2nd round of volume training before summer. Pick a movement (or part of a movement) to improve like; push-up, pull-up, dip, russian dip, MU, rope climb, or pistol.

20min EMOM: 
First 5 min: 3-4 reps
Next 15min 2-3 reps

Reps can differ per variation used. Focus on form & quality.

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