Jul 302015

Upper body work

Shoulder to overhead:

  • find a heavy set of ten
  • do 2 x 8 touch and go sets @ heavy10 – 10%
  • 2 legless rope climbs after every set
  • rest 3min between efforts

Rowing and box over burpees

2-3 rounds of:

  • row 1000m @ 2km + 10sec
  • immediately after you're done rowing do 20 box over burpees for time
  • rest as needed between rounds (maximum of 5min rest between rounds)
  • your combined time for 2-3 rounds of box over burpees is your score
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Jul 232015

Upside down

For 25min practice (pick two)

  • headstand
  • handstand, progressions and tables here
  • strict handstand push up
  • hs walk

Flight Simulator

Complete the following double-under ladder, pausing between sets–but doing each set unbroken. If you miss a rep, you have to start that set over. Rest as needed in between sets, but score is total time.


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