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Hang power snatch triples

For 20min

hang power snatch triples

Overhead squats and box over burpees

In three two minute rounds:

  • 30 ohs 20/15kg
  • rest of the time box over burpees

rest 2min

  • 25 ohs 40/30kg
  • rest of the time box over burpees

rest 2min

  • 20 ohs 60/42,5kg
  • rest of the time box over burpees

  • your score is the number of box over burpees

CFEG: Handstand Practice

Practice handstand for 20min (proper warm-up done):
1) Practice smooth kick-up and HS hold (choose your scale from): Rx+ free HS hold on parallets, Rx free HS hold, HS hold against wall
2) Practice HS weights sifts: fingertips, shoulder touch, hip touch. + weight sift sequence with parallets (3+3+hold).
3) Practice HS walk: 3 x max distance

Record your max HS hold time + HS walk distance

CFEG: Ring Skills

Practice ring skills for 25min, for example:
1) Arm extensions: T-out / V-out / I-out (each 3 x 5)
2) Arm circles @hollow w/ low rings: 10 x clock wise + 10 x counter clockwise => both hands
2) Ring push-up & arm extension (alternate) 3 x 6

Take example from

CFEG: 15min AMRAP of Snatch, HS Walk & DU's

15min AMRAP:
1) 10 Heavy DB snatch (alternating hands)
2) 20 feet HS walk (10feet increments)
3) 30 DU's

HS Walk rule: If at any time the athlete comes down from their hands, they must restart from the last increment they crossed. Both hands must cross the 10-foot increment line to earn credit for that distance. Each 10-foot section will count as 1 rep.

DB Snatch rule: no DB dropping. DB needs to be placed down, and continue with another hand.

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