Mar 042017


– up to a heavy set five

Rowing and burpees

3 rounds for time

500m row
20 weighted burpees 15/10kg
– rest 1min berween rounds

CFEG: Handstand Walk practice

Part I 15min
Practice HS movements, and record your results. 3 Rounds both:
1) HS Hold: 
accumulate :30 sec free HS hold time – @ground or @parallets. Spot with partner if needed. Focus on good form and straight line. 
2) HS weight sift: 
Parallets: 1) HS sequence 3-5/side 2) Hip touch 3) single parallets hand turns.
Wall or box: weight sift to fingers, tap to shoulder, tap to hip, hands to plate sequence

Part II 15min
HS Walk practice
1) HS Walk towards a wall: 1m / 2m / 3m / 4m
2) Free HS Walk: find your distance
3) HS turns: 180 / 360 degree

CFEG: 20min EMOM, Increase your volume 2/5

Increase your volume in Bar MU or Pull-ups, with near perfect form, and work at at a sub-maximal effort. Pick either Bar MU or variation of Pull-Up.

20min EMOM:
First 14 min: 2-3 reps
Next 6 min: 1-2 reps

Reps can differ per variation used. You can combine negatives and/or static holds to your scheme.Prior start we go through different scaling variations, and few tips what to focus on.

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