Aug 262017

Rest day

Rest day: Recovery work and mobility

CEFG: Handstand walk progression II

Practise handstand for 25min:
1) Form & weight shift side to side
2) HS hold balance
3) HS Walk

CEFG: Strict Muscle-Up, week 2

In the coming next few weeks we will focus on developing towards strict muscle-up, and finding different ways to scale the movement and
break-it into manageable parts.

Every week we add movement patters and/or change the scaling. This part is divided into two segments: a) finding the right scaling option and developing movement pattern and b) strength development.

Week 2:
Movement practice 20min: transition, support position, dip, ….
Five Rounds of:
5 Transition: Russian dip, part a
5 Ring Dip


3 Rounds of:
5 Strict TTB
15 Russian twists
'30 Hollow hold

Plan B if HSH against wall > 2min:
Max effort HS hold

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