Oct 072017

Deadlift 5 x 5

Deadlift 5 x 5

  • every rep from dead stop

Back extensions and L-sit

4-5 rounds for quality

  • 10 back extensions (2sec hold at the top)
  • accumulate 30sec L-sit

CFEG: Handstand walk progressions and…

Note! If not raining too much on Sunday, we might be outside for 30min. So gear up.

Practise handstand for 25min:
1) Wall climbs with twist….
2) HS Balance
3) HS Walk

CEFG: Strict Muscle-Up

As requested, we continue with MU theme, and move towards the dynamic parts.

1) 3 x 3 Primer: transitions basic, negative, feet on box
2) 3 x 3 MU Ice cream makers (eli syödään jäätelöä)
2) 3 x 3 Ring swing + pull to hip

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