Feb 032018

Rest day

Rest day: Recovery work and mobility

CFEG: Volume training, week 3

Open is approaching, and we want to increase the volume of new skills. Pick a movement (or part of a movement) to improve like; push-up, pull-up, dip, russian dip, MU, rope climb, or pistol.
20min EMOM:
20min: 2-3 reps
Reps can differ per variation used. Focus on form & quality.

CFEG: MU transition

Practice MU transition for 15min:
Modified russian dip, russian dip and ring transitions

CFEG: Handstand 0402

Practice handstand walk for 25min:
1) Handstand hold + small weight shift
2) Handstand + parallets weight shift 3* 3+3
3) Handstand walk: 3 * distance or track

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